"10 years of learning at Target", Julie TSHILANDA


After 10 years at Target Sarl, Julie TSHILANDA, Field Manager, open-heartedly gives details on her career in this prestigious market research firm of the DR Congo and Central Africa.

During an interview arranged with the Target Sarl communication team, Julie mapped out her career and recognized the privilege she enjoys of working alongside skilled and experienced people in market research and consulting.

As she has never stopped learning since the beginning of her great venture, from 2013 to 2023, Julie Tshilanda called her ten-year journey "10 years of learning at Target".

"Julie Tshilanda is my name. I majored in computer management, option: Telecommunication and network administration at the Institut Supérieur d’Informatique, Programmation et Analyses (ISIPA).

"I started with an entry level job of encoder in the IT department. At the time, we did not use smartphones. We used papers, and when investigators returned from the field with papers, our job was encoding.

"After IT, climbed the corporate latter by moving to the project department as an interviewer, became a supervisor, and today I’m a field manager.

"I had the opportunity to see how Target has grown. Target is today the result of hard work and honesty.

"If I could name my 10 years at Target, I would call them 10 years of learning. Indeed, I have learned a lot at here. The experience I have gained helps me in many areas. People are discovering me in the field, and I have this opportunity to be around many people."


"I command on the Target’s management team, precisely Mr. Serge, General Manager, whose simplicity and transparency impress me so much because seeing the N01 is not easy in other organizations. He is easy-going with everyone and passionate about good collaboration. I thank Mrs. Eketebi, as well. I call her mother Counselor ".

"My deepest gratitude goes also all departments, especially the head of the project department, Saleh SIKOFU, for his coaching and motivation, and the head of the IT department, Benjamin MUKINI, for all the services. I want to command on everyone in the administration, namely Laurette TAKITA, Divine KAWAYA, Hélène Musuamba. I will never forget all the field teams: investigators, supervisors, and many others".

"The teamwork led me to be recognized today as the best Field Manager in Kinshasa.

Wednesday, February 15, 2023 - 18:57