AMRA Forum 2019: “I think about what Target absence in one of AMRA Forum will raise as questions from our peers” Serge Mumbu


Target agency participated this last April 16th to 17th at Lagos, in Nigeria, into forum works organized by African Market Research Association (AMRA). Serge MUMBU, General Manager, represented the agency at this forum. Accompanied by Arlette Leumbou, Senior Research Analyst within Target Agency, he talks to us, in this interview, about Target participation into this forum.  

1.  Why Target participated into this forum?

I think about what Target absence in one of AMRA Forum will raise as questions from our peers; we are very active members of AMRA and as professionals of research, we remain opened on the dynamics in our sector not only in DR Congo but also on a continental dimension. Meeting our peers, exchanging with them on our daily challenges, also sharing our experiences are basic reasons to be present at AMRA.   

2.  What were the great moments that marked the edition 2019 of AMRA forum?  

Our interventions during panels on political opinion polls and private data protection, but also our speech on dynamics amongst Congolese young people and our interventions during presentations.

3.  What new things and great measures raised from this forum?

Some main learned such as:

  • “Story telling” in qualitative researches;
  • Focus groups on WhatsApp;
  • Computer graphics;
  • Data protection;
  • Political opinion polls in Africa.

Decisions are to implement these learned lessons in our future studies in order to offer to our clients “Something new and different”.

  1. Target especially made a speech on political opinion polls in Africa. In few words, what was the heart of your message? In this point what parallelism do you do between DR Congo and other African countries?

The reality is similar in several countries; conducting political opinion polls is difficult; Governments are not always opened to that, yet our suggestion to tackle them in consortium with agencies that operate in international dimensions seemed to be appealing and relevant.

       5. How Target sees the future in the field of market research on the African continent?

Strengthening its presence in some countries, being the plebiscited agency within the French – speaking black Africa and welcoming in the future (two years to come) AMRA forum in Kinshasa.

Monday, May 6, 2019 - 17:40