The Democratic Republic of Congo elections are scheduled for December 2023. They are already looming on the horizon. Some Congolese are determined to vote, while others are still uncertain whether they will participate.

Target Sarl surveyed the 26 provincial main cities of the DRC about the participation of Congolese in the elections and the different stories behind their vote.

The questionnaire involved Congolese aged 18 and over with a representative sample of 2,716 people, 1,319 men, and 1,397 women.

Of all the elections scheduled for 2023, the Congolese seem to be most interested in the presidential election (88%), the national legislative elections come second (83%), followed by the municipal elections (82%), and the provincial legislative elections come last (81%).

This interest in the presidential election is because the President of the Republic is the primary institution and holds the necessary decision-making power in public affairs management.

The Grand Kasaï region is the region that leads this statement regarding participation in the presidential election (96%), with an unmistakable idea of their favorite candidate President (86%). The motivation behind the interest and intention to vote in this region is obvious; the current Head of State, whose term is constitutionally renewable, is originally from this region.  

However, the provincial legislative elections are less attractive to the Congolese (81%). They don't have a crystal-clear choice. Especially in Kinshasa, with a low affirmation rate (67%).

Among the reasons for the lack of interest and abstention from the elections for provincial members of parliament, the Congolese quoted the lack of evident impact of their actions (57%). Others, however, say they are waiting for the election campaign (27%).

It is important to note that the reason raised for abstention in all elections is the acknowledgment crisis of elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
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