Divine Kawaya


With a degree in communication of companies in 2015, Divine Kawaya joined Target starting from a professional training performed during January and March 2016. Right in the course of its growth since its creation in 2011, the agency would like to widen its clients’ portfolio. Divine Kawaya had an assignment of looking for new clients inside the country, developing B2B activities, taking care of Target visibility, etc…

After this conclusive period of professional training, Divine Kawaya joined Target permanent staff team for fully taking care of the same assignments in deeper means. Currently, she is in charge of:        

  • Looking for new clients both in DR Congo and others African countries (South Africa, Angola, Gabon, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Congo, Burundi, Rwanda…)
  • Target visibility (Publishing, insertion in magazines, press release, press conference, debate);
  • Multiplication of B2B activities: monitoring contacts with potential clients;
  • Projects’ proposal to be submitted for backers (USAID, DFID…).

Divine has previous experiences with human resources and outside relations management sector in both joint ventures and private companies.

Within its assets since April 2016, we can notice Target membership in two commerce chambers, i.e. the Franco- Congolese chamber of commerce and of industry, American chamber of commerce of DR-Congo as well as Target participation in the third French week of Kinshasa.