ESOMAR : IMRD 2022 celebration


Spearheaded by the Turkish Research Association TUAD and coordinated by ESOMAR, IMRD22 is a community festival brought to you in partnership with national, regional, and global associations around the world that promote the use of insights and analytics to help shape a better world at the service of people.

This year, national, regional, and global associations around the world will be filling 2 weeks with inspiring content demonstrating how essential insights and analytics is to the cause of building a sustainable world and how insights and analytics projects around the world are helping us to meet the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Last year, the International Market Research Day explored how insights and analytics would help us to navigate the post-COVID19 recovery. This year's edition is looking to the future, a future that must offer a better quality of life for everyone and ensure a world that can sustain our presence on it. Insights and analytics superheroes are essential to make this world a reality.

In 2021, International Market Research Day celebrations achieved incredible reach, with over 1.2 million individuals reached across social media and 200,000 individuals across traditional media channels. IMRD21 also inspired thousands of social media posts and a wealth of content sharing.

Friday, May 6, 2022 - 15:37
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Serge Mumbu, General Manager de Target-Sarl, a animé, du  11 au 12 février 2019, une formation avec des entrepreneurs en pré-incubation.

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From Sunday 23rd to Wednesday 26th of September, the world professionals of market research gathered within the European Society for Op

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Target était bien présent au congrès annuel d’Esomar 2018 en Allemagne.

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