Evaluation workshop of the business climate reforms execution in the 26 provinces


During a workshop organized by the National Agency for Investment Promotion (ANAPI), together with the market research firm Target Sarl, the study's results on the evaluation of the implementation of reforms on the business climate in 26 provinces were presented.


The workshop took place at Sultani River in Ngaliema. Several authorities and experts attended the event, among others: Provincial Ministers of Planning, delegates of the Governors of 26 provinces, Secretaries General of Land Affairs, Planning, and Urbanism, as well as organizations involved in the business climate (FEC, FENAPEC, COPEMECO, ASSOFE, ANADEC, GUCE, INPP, ONEM, DGI, CNSS), were brought together to inquire about the results from this study.


A workshop with three highlights


At 8:30 am in Kinshasa, the Director General of ANAPI, Anthony NKINZO KAMOLE, opened this meeting with an introductory remark while recalling the core of the business climate sanitation in the all-provinces Democratic Republic of Congo.


As for the head of ANAPI, the study results from Target Sarl will allow measuring the level of knowledge, application, and appropriation of the initiated reforms, starting from 5 indicators, in particular: starting an economic activity, taxation and para fiscality, building permit, real estate transfer and quality of administration.


Serge MUMBU, the General Manager of Target, explained the study methodology, which combined three approaches (documentary, qualitative and quantitative).


Before getting to the heart of the matter, Serge MUMBU specified the lack of knowledge as a significant handicap to implementing business climate reforms in the 26 provinces of DR Congo.


"There is a challenge in terms of communication, awareness, and understanding of the reforms in the 26 provinces," he said before briefly presenting the results of each province in alphabetical order.


A moment of exchange allowed each province delegate to respond to the General Manager of Target Sarl. He answered all the questions accordingly.


It is worth noting that after this restitution step, ANAPI will release the final report of this survey.



Tuesday, February 14, 2023 - 09:39