Fally Ipupa, Saï-Saï, Papy Mboma, Messi, Ronaldo… Kinshasa people preferred personalities, according to Target research


The edition 2016 of research on preferred personalities conducted by Target each year since 2012 is ready. The survey performed towards a sample of 1000 persons in line with method of quota per sex, age, occupation and municipality of residence is putting at the head of this considered different categories: Fally Ipupa (Music), Papy Mboma (Media), Messi et Ronaldo (Sport), Saï-Saï (Drama and Advertisement).

This research presents a lot of interests. Advertisers can for instance detect personalities that are mostly appreciated by the public and use them for their media messages. These personalities shall as well have the opportunity to discover segments of people towards which they have more success. And as a result they can for example better direct their public appearances.   


Fally Ipupa (16%) is out standing at the top of Kinshasa people preferred musicians. Three artists are running behind and have been quoted equal: L’Or Mbongo, Werrasson and Athom’s Mbuma (7%). Koffi Olomide, the signer that was recently on the headlines of media due to the fact that he was accused of committing an assault against a dancer of his group, is coming at the 9th position of this classification with 5%.

Fally Ipupa is very appreciated amongst young people of 12 to 34 years old, none active people (18%) and pupils (26%).   

Saï-Saï, double cap

Fiston Saï-Saï is the only personality holding the top of two different fields this research: drama (14%) and advertisement (72%). In Drama, Saï-Saï is closely followed by Lady ESOBE having equal quotation with Elombe Sukari (12%) and Muyombe Gauche (10%).

On the other hand, in addition to advertisement whereas he remains the ruler, Saï-Saï (72%), is followed by Modero (4%) and Ngalufar (3%). Saï-Saï is very appreciated towards all categories considered in this survey with scores varying between 22 and 47% except for people of 50 years old and more (9%). In this category of age bracket, Ngalufar (36%) is the most appreciated.



Yannick Bolasie and Trésor Mputu (4%), on a par in survey, are Congolese sport personalities preferred by Kinshasa people. These both soccer players come far behind Lionel Messi from Argentina and Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal (23%) them also with equal score on the head of this category. These both soccer players keep on winning and beating records in Europe, they are appreciated to almost the same level in all categories of age, occupation and municipalities of residence as regards surveys. 


The top 3 classification of preferred personalities of media by Kinshasa people is held by Papy Mboma (13%), Léon Nembalemba (11%) and Eliezer Ntambwe (9%). Papy Mboma is mostly appreciated by men (60%) than women (40%). Which is just the opposite concerning Nembalemba who mostly appreciated by women (61%) than men (39%).

For more details on the totality of this research please contact us through infos@target-sarl.cd or call (+243) 810 451 052.  

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