“How to effectively communicate at the level of 26 provinces of DR Congo”, according to Target


 In partnership with the French – Congolese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Target Agency organized this May 12th, a meeting of communication – exchange “afterwork” on the topic “Effective communication at the level of 26 provinces” at the registered office of French – Congolese Chamber of Commerce at Kinshasa.

Before a stall of marketing officers, communication and public relations officers, Media companies’ managers, the main speaker of this evening, Serge MUMBU, General Manager of Target SARL, made an exposé on vital factors to implement for an effective communication campaign. 

Required elements

Before launching a communication campaign, it is necessary to have an accurate idea on some target we want to reach, the kind of message we would like to release. Based on these elements, we can selected the adapted channel for a better transmission of the message and reaching the targeted goal, explained Mr. Mumbu in his introduction.

Before specifying that: “an effective communication campaign at the level of 26 provinces in DR Congo is to go through six stages: knowledge of media mapping in these provinces; knowledge of each media audience; knowledge of geographical coverage related to each media operating in DR Congo: knowledge of each media real audience; audience peak hours for each media and the most adapted language to use”

To allow the attendance having answers in line with each one of these 6 stages, Serge MUMBU presented a research on “Media audience in DR Congo” published by Target in March 2017.

Media audience in DR Congo

The research conducted by Target on media audience in DR Congo shows that at the level of 26 provinces, radio is the most followed media with a score of 61% of listeners in DR Congo. It reaches its audience peak in the morning and evening. According to this research, the most followed radio is Radio OKAPI (41% of cumulated audience) and RFI that considerably falls in terms of audience with (10% of cumulated audience) mainly due to jamming of its frequencies on DR Congo territory.

However, in big cities (Kinshasa, Lubumbashi and Goma), and especially towards young people, listening to radio is being left aside due to the use of internet that reaches a rate of 24% of Congolese people. In terms of audience, Serge MUMBU emphasizes that television is just coming after radio with 51% of Congolese people. Written media is losing pace, only with 4% of Congolese people that read newspapers. 

Beyond all these general information, Target research is offering several other practical information such as numbers of media really active in DR Congo, their coverage area and their audience, categorization of types of audience in line with several criteria like age, gender, level of income… these different information can help marketing officers, communication officers and all those involved in development of communication campaign in DR Congo. During this afterwork exchange, specific examples have been given for selection of some radios to use as communication channels in different provinces as well as better moments and languages of message broadcasting.

“The French – Congolese Chamber of Commerce is a framework of exchange and sharing of information between members and we couldn’t hesitate to come share with other members our experience in the field of media researches since there is a kind of lack of reliable and recent data related to media at the level of 26 provinces of DR Congo. Within this context of budgetary restriction related to crisis, it is important to optimize communication budget and Target, as Consultancy Agency, is proposing to help companies better select their communication supports and define an effective communication strategy”, declared Serge Mumbu.

Target research on media within 26 provinces of DR Congo remains available. You can obtain them by writing to: info@target-sarl.cd or calling +243 81 045 1052.

Friday, June 2, 2017 - 07:38