Key – figures of Mobile telephony in DR Congo – March 2017


Willing to guide investors and telecom companies wishing to win market shares and maximize their profits, Target is releasing “Key – figures of Mobile Telephony in DR Congo – March 2017”. Currently, Telecom market in DR Congo, one of the most coveted market in central Africa is especially characterized by a very strong dynamism of different actors. Several operators are already established therein, such as Africell, Airtel, Orange and Vodacom

This publication is composed of a documentary part as well as a quantitative part. Within desk research, we consulted data from the Regulatory Authority of Post Office and Telecommunication of Congo (ARPTC) and from Mobile telephony operators. 6 points include this first part. It is about a brief overview of mobile telephony operators in DR Congo, market shares of mobile telephony operators in DR Congo, evolution of market shares related to outgoing Voice Traffic per destination in 2016, traffic growth rate per operator, market shares on subscriptions and turnover and market shares on subscriptions and Voice Traffic.    

Quarterly Evolution of market shares on Voice Traffic per operator.

The second part presents results of the research conducted towards an urban population in administrative centers of 26 provinces. This second part of “Key – figures of Mobile Telephony – March 2017” is shared out in 18 points: penetration of mobile telephony in urban area, assessment of numbers of subscribers in DR Congo, numbers of Sim cards used, main operator, secondary operator, satisfaction of main operator, reasons of subscribers satisfaction, reasons of subscribers satisfaction per operator, means of purchasing credits per week, mode of recharging used, mode of recharging per operator, how easy to find out sales points for recharging, rate of Smartphones’ use, brands of Smartphones used, sharing out of Smartphones per operator, mobile financial services, use of mobile financial services and main account of mobile financial services.

The part related to field research was conducted from 1st to 15th November 2016 with a representative sample of 1000 persons in line with method of quota per age, gender and place of residence. Interviews have been conducted with Smartphones and statistical interpretation of results has been done thanks to significance tests at 95% with SPSS software.      

Evolution of possession of SIM cards between 2015 and 2016

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