Media Audience in DR Congo 2017


Since 2012, Target achieves each year a survey “Statistics on media at Kinshasa” in order to meet the needs of advertisers and communication agencies willing to make an optimal choice of supports in the framework of their communication campaigns at Kinshasa.

More and more, it is getting obvious that there is a need within some advertisers, to have statistics of media audience at national level in order to better adjust their communications for the entire country. It is in this framework that Target interviewed a representative sample of 1000 Congolese people in 26 administrative centers of provinces according to the method of quota per age, gender and place of residence. Interviews have been carried out with smartphones and statistical interpretation of results has been done using significance test at 95% with the software SPSS. The research has been conducted from November 2016 to January 2017.

For the first edition of this research “Audience of media in DR Congo” in the first part we are going to give an overview of Congolese media landscape (TV, radio and written media) in different provinces. It will be about combining data from Ministry of Information and Written Media with media that are effectively followed by respondents during the last 30days preceding the research period.

It is aiming at producing a cartography of active media in DR Congo.

The second part of this research will focus on presenting the most followed media, audience times as well as the most followed media by provinces. 

To make analysis and comparisons easier, provinces have been gathered in 8 entities (Bandundu, Bas- Congo, Equateur, Kasaï, Katanga, Kinshasa, Kivu and Province Orientale)

Some definitions: in this research, this is what we mean by:

  • Local media: those which are present in only one province.
  • Regional media: those which are present in at least two provinces.
  • National media: those which are found out in less than 20 provinces.

International media: those which are coming from abroad.  

Extract of media cartography in DR Congo.

The research on media audience achieved by Target is available. In addition to media consumption behavior, this research has got a Congolese media landscape overview with specific figure indications on media that are present within 26 provinces of DR Congo. To make your order: email address:  or mobile: +243 81 045 10 52.

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