Mystery Shopping : Target SARL hosted an after-work at the CCIF


Target SARL hosted an after-work at the Franco-Congolese Chamber of Commerce and Industry headquarters in Kinshasa on Wednesday, June 29, on the practice of "Mystery Shopping." Serge Mumbu, General Manager of Target, described the mystery shopping technique to an entire audience.
In his presentation, Serge Mumbu described "mystery shopping" as a technique that allows companies to improve their customer experience. During mystery shopping surveys, mystery shoppers are sent to stores, banks, and other institutions to measure the quality of the reception given to customers. Mystery shopping surveys are also done through emails and calls to the customer service department.

L'assistance à l'afterwork sur le Mystery Shopping

In addition, Eunice Masuaku, Business Development at Target SARL, illustrated problems found during mystery shopping at Target, including those related to interior and exterior appearance, courtesy, dress code, sanitation, customer-agent interaction, and employee product knowledge, etc.
The mystery shopping is not a chase, explained Serge Mumbu. It does not address the reporting of agents. It aims to improve the customer experience through, for example, the training of receptionists, the rotation of security guards, the non-use of the telephone at the time of service, the knowledge of products by the agents, etc.
After the presentation, a Q&A session took place, followed by a networking session between the guests, who were able to exchange contacts and information on the activities of their companies.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022 - 10:30