Optimization of communication budget thanks to audiences’ researches


One month after its membership into the Chamber of Commerce and Franco – Congolese Industry, CCIFC, Target SARL just organized in partnership with this chamber an “After work” exchange The event took place at the registered office of CCIFC, on Thursday, April 22nd, 2016 at 6pm.

Heads of companies, marketing managers, communications managers and advertising agencies discussed on the topic, “Optimization of communication budget thanks to audiences’ researches.” Serge MUMBU, General Manager and main speaker of that evening focused his speech on three main points i.e.: determining actions to be taken in line with the target, efficiently selecting media to be used for communication and identifying the best moments for communication.

 “Optimizing one’s communication budget, is spending less and yet effectively reaching the maximum of people”, according to Serge MUMBU. A company can address to three kinds of targets (the general public, segments or professionals) and audience studies shall provide with specific instructions on media to be used as well as the best moments of communication for each type of target. The speaker emphasized his statements with specific examples of communication actions to be taken based on results of researches carried out by Target such as   impact of advertising or media statistics.

Serge MUMBU concluded by stating that market researches in general, and audiences’ researches in particular constitute a powerful tool decision – taking as regards communication budget optimization. It is therefore up to the advertiser (communication officer) to combine information coming from researches with especially pricing schedules proposed by media, editorial lines and/or exclusivities, for development of an appropriate strategy of pricing negotiation with their media firms.

Monday, May 2, 2016 - 17:03