Preferred Celebrities At Pointe Noire


Preferred Celebrities At Pointe Noire

In order to allow companies and advertisers efficiently reaching their targets by selecting celebrities that exercise a real influence on people, Target Agency publishes every year a research on preferred celebrities. After Kinshasa and Lubumbashi cities in DR Congo, now it is the turn of Pointe-Noire inhabitants in the economic capital of Republic of Congo, to give their opinions on both local and foreigner preferred celebrities operating in the fields of music, theatres/movies, sports, advertising as well as media.


Research Technical Data Sheet

Type of Research


Data Collection Method

Face-to-face interview using soft questionnaire.

Used Material




Data Collection Timing

From 23 to 26 April 2015



1 000 adult persons of 12 to 50 years old and more than 500 men and 500 women in line with the method of quotas per age, sex and place of residence.

Method of respondents’ selection

Random method with Kish grid.

Interpretation of results

Significance Test at 95% with SPSS software.

We would like to note that local celebrities are amongst the top 3 of each field except for those of sports and theatres/movies whereas foreigner celebrities are found out. In music, Roga-Roga, chairperson of orchestra “Extra Musica” is standing between two musicians from DR Congo especially Fally Ipupa and Koffi Olomide respectively the 1st and the 3rd. As regards advertising and media, local celebrities are mainly controlling the market with respectively Papa Mav and Papi Soul that are in the top of classification. 

  1. Music

Pointe Noire inhabitants are essentially turned towards DR Congo musicians. Only two local musicians are amongst the top 10 of classification (Roga-Roga and DJ Rox). In the first place with 10%, Fally Ipupa more interests women as well as teenagers of 12 to 17 years old that appreciate him for his beautiful songs and dances. Appreciated for the good quality of his music and very good compositions, Roga-Roga (7%) holds the second position and he is more preferred by men, active persons and those from 25 to 49 years old. Koffi Olomide just comes after him with 6% and more interests active persons and those of 35 – 49 years old that like him for his beautiful songs. 



The Congolese Artist – Actor “Vue de Loin” holds the first position of the classification with 19%, followed by Maman KALUNGA (8%) and Jackie Chan (4%). These artist from DR Congo (Vue de Loin and Maman KALUNGA) have attracted Pointe Noir inhabitants’ attention thanks to theatre plays commonly called “ZONG ZING”, which are strongly commercialized at Pointe – Noire. Their sense of humor as well as the roles they are playing in this plays seem to be the main reasons of their selection. Vue de Loin more interests’ teenagers of 12 to 17 years old and of 25 to 34 years old while women as well as none- actives persons do prefer Maman Kalunga. As regards the Chinese actor, Jackie Chan, his sense of humor and his capacity to take risks during filming strongly captivate the attention of teenagers of 12 to 17 years old.



Apart from the Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, the American wrestler John Cena and the Congolese basket player Serge IBAKA, Pointe Noire inhabitants” preference is converted towards soccer players. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, with respectively 28% and 19%, widely dominate other sportsmen that realize a weak percentage. Considered as a wizard, skillful with a team spirit, Lionel Messi is the most preferred amongst young people of 12 to 24 years old as well as pupils/students. And regarding Cristiano Ronaldo, that more interests teenagers of 12 to 17 years old and pupils/students, he is more appreciated for his exploits on the field (number of goals realized). Let’s also note the presence of three international Congolese players that are mentioned as preferred celebrities. Thievy Bifouma, Delvin Ndinga and Prince Oniangué.

4. Advertising


The Congolese Artist – actor Papa Mav is the celebrity that more attracts Pointe Noire inhabitants’ attention in terms of advertising. He is holding the first position of classification with an overwhelming score of 43% while Fiston Sai-Sai from DR Congo that just comes after him only has 4%. Papa Mav is more appreciated due to his advertisements that are full of very captivating humoristic scenes, especially towards people of 12 to 24 years old, 35 – 49 years old as well as pupils and students.

5. Média


Except for the French Journalist Juan Gomez, Hervé Mathoux and Claudy Siar, the respondents’ choice is more focused towards local celebrities. Papi Soul, the presenter of TV programme “Chez Papi Soul” on MCR TV and H Linéaire Ier, presenter of TV programme “Le littoral” on DR TV are ex eaquo with 7% as well as Jean-Claude KAKOU (6%), presenter of TV news and programme “Chemin d’Avenir” on Télé Congo, are at the top of preference. Both music commentators (Papi Soul and H. Linéaire Ier) are attracting more interests amongst young people of 18 to 24 years old, men for Papi Soul and pupils/students for H Linéaire Ier. They are more appreciated for their expression and impartiality of their opinions while Jean-Claude KAKOU more captivates attention of older people of 35 to 50 years old and more and this, especially for his fine oratory. 

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