Serge Mumbu attending WIN/GALLUP yearly conference at Dublin


WIN/GALLUP International, world organization of market research specialists, is holding its 68th yearly conference from 24th to 27 May 2015 at Dublin, in Ireland. Serge MUMBU, the Managing Director of Target SARL will represent his organization at this meeting. For the first time.

The market research industry is currently performing very well with the coming of new technologies and new competitors. New expressions are generating hype within this sector such as: big data, Neuromarketing (brain research), social media analytics, real-time data, mobile research, and crowdsourcing, application based on research or multi-channel trade research. It is thus for discussing around all these innovations that specialists are coming all over the world to gather at this meeting held at Dublin.

“This conference will actually allow better understanding of new tendencies that are currently shaping market research industry and helping professionals of this field to find out new markets”, stated Jean-Marc Léger, chairperson of WIN/GALLUP International.

At the end of this conference, the final objective is to make sure that all members may take in consideration all advantages offered by new methods as well as latest technology and find out means of increasing profitability, specified Jean-Marc Léger.

The leading professionals will talk during plenary sessions while others will hold workshops devoted to all participants. Amongst the expected speakers, there is Jordan Casey, the youngest Irish entrepreneur of only 15 years old. Self-educated, he founded in 2012 Casey Games, a start-up that creates games for telephones and TeachWare, an application for teachers.

The conference agenda further prepared a broad range of topics such as:

  • New requirements of social sector and public opinion.
  • New requirements of consumption and service industry.
  • Brainstorm on Year-end survey.
  • Solutions for brands in 2015

Serge MUMBU plans to participate in the workshop dealing with the topic “Accurate Sampling within difficult location”. He is going to share Target experience on this subject and will be very receptive to experiences of other professionals in order to improve the accuracy of sampling in locations whereas statistical data are almost nonexistent.

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