Special IWD Target Sarl pays tribute to women



Every year on March 8, the world celebrates International Women's Day (IWD). This day focuses on the role and place of women in human communities.

During this year, the gaze of all mankind turns to the digital, an indispensable lever for communities whose women are roses that soften the daily lives of human beings.

Digital appropriation, through all technological advances, by women is a guarantee for an emerging and peaceful universe; focused on equal opportunities. It is this evidence that best motivates the national theme of the year 2023.

Women in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) use the internet less than men as a channel for daily information, according to the Media 2022 study, with figures showing 56% versus 44%. Therefore, women are attached to their cell phones in order to stay connected to current events.

Target Sarl pays tribute to women in general. Conscious of the performance that women achieve in the field of research, the firm decided to highlight the commendable efforts of women in achieving its various objectives both internally and externally.

Women at Target play important roles and perform many tasks on a daily basis. They assume, ensure and reveal huge challenges thanks to digital.

Comments from Target Sarl's collaborators and consultants:

As Divine Kawaya, in charge of administration and finance at Target Sarl, the only firm in the country with an international reputation, explains, March 8 is a day for women to reflect on their professional situations, i.e. how to take charge of their lives and take advantage of male support, but at the same time to consider themselves as human beings, capable of standing up for themselves.

She adds: " I use digital technology to go faster in my daily tasks to save time. With digital, I learn about my work, I don't need to buy books to do it.

Laurette TAKITA, Project Assistant at Target, in charge of quality control, describes the joy she feels on this special occasion for women. " Woman has been liberated from different prejudices and she must be aware of it ", she expresses herself before revealing the importance of digital in the online control of data provided by the teams all over DRC, and even in the African countries where Target is operating.

For Hélène MUSUAMBA, Administration and logistic support, March 08 is a day of awareness to pay tribute to the movement that fought for women's rights.

She stresses the importance of technology in her work, specifically mobile money services, which allows her to make financial transactions and payments remotely.

Carine MWAMBA, Graphic designer for whom the day of March 08 must be a trigger for the awakening of women's consciousness. "Digital is the core of my work," she says.

"Digital technology brings me closer to employees and customers who want to know about our activities," says Sabrina BONDONGA, Desk Assistant. She believes that March 8 highlights the struggle for women's rights and the end of inequalities within societies.

Anne-Marie BAHUFITE, External Consultant welcomes the importance of this day which, she underlines, marks the recognition of women's rights and values within society as they were once marginalized. While performing data analysis, digital is very crucial in acquiring various knowledge as well as exchanging with the whole team.

" March 08 is a day where we value women's rights ", says Esperance Nkongolo, an intern in the firm's project department. Digital technology allows to communicate with her boss, but also to be updated at any time.


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