Target: A communion between employees and consultants to get a good start to the year


Target has complied with its custom: on Thursday, January 30, the research agency held a greeting ceremony with its staff and consultants. In a very friendly environment, Serge Mumbu, Target CEO, has placed 2020 under the theme of innovation and continuous training of the company's human resources.


In 2019, Target won more markets and offered "more services" compared to 2018. Not only has Target's volume of business grown, but it has also discovered new talent among professional interns who have been recruited. The agency has also been rigorous in meeting expectations of its clients who demand quality work in increasingly short time frames. Three consultants who made gross misconduct were dismissed for embezzlement, dishonesty and levity in work. Misdirection that the company does not tolerate.


Target's number one has placed 2020 under the banner of innovation remaining very open to all proposals that would lead to the company promotion.


He relies on staff training to achieve the company's objectives. We will invest a lot in training staff to be dynamic and meet new challenges. Market research is evolving considerably as there are new themes and methodologies and new software that are emerging. As a company, we have to adapt. We have enrolled some employees at Georgia University in United States, one of the leading academic institutions in the training of market research companies, explains the one who makes the satisfaction of his clients and expertise of his employed his workhorse.


The best winners


Target has made a habit of rewarding its best employees and consultants of the year, a recognition and motivation to all those who have distinguished themselves in their work over the past year. After each list unveiling, time was given to the assembly to place a word on each selected person. The very attentive candidates listened to the praise given by their other colleagues even though the vote was already carried out by the jury.


Martial BUDUILE was awarded the 2019 Best Employee of the Year award for his drive and determination to always get a job well done. I have a feeling of satisfaction and motivation; it would be interesting if I won it again. To do this, we would have to redouble our efforts to be better when we know the quality of other colleagues we work with, he said. Other awards were also given to Benjamin MUNYAMALI of Goma, the best investigator in province and Christelle LIEKA, the best investigator of Kinshasa. Laurette TAKITA RAFFLE as the best supervisor of 2019 while Arthur Sidi has won the award for Best Field Manager of Kisangani. Another woman is honored during this ceremony. This is Yvesse MAKABA who has been named Target's top IT consultant for 2019.


Respected parity, three women and three men, the winners each received a certificate, gifts and an amount of money to encourage them.

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