Target at Kinshasa French week


The Franco- Congolese chamber of commerce and of industry (CCIFC) and its partners The French Foreign Trade Counsels, The French Club of Businesses and The French Embassy in DR Congo organized from the 1st to the 4th of June, the 3rd edition of French week, a showcase for French and Congolese Companies that presented their products and/or services in exposure stands.

Following the example of two members, Target – SARL made a showcase in CCIFC stand.

We are right in the middle of our role that is to help Congolese companies affiliated to the Chamber to have a greater visibility”, stated Helene Duffar Champredon, CCIFC CEO.

Target showcase stand thus welcomed everyday dozens of interested people, business men, researchers, students and job seekers looking for information related to the Agency work. These latter people could get back home with documents made available by Target (French and English leaflet, publications on media statistics, Key figures on mobile telephony, advertisement impact...)

The French week also allowed Target expanding its Panel of new members. Some requested to get registration in the website. Over 91 Panel users recruited at HALLE DE LA GOMBE, 89 directly participated at an ongoing online research. They responded to questions related to digital communication, education, democracy and good governance.

One by one, the General Manager, the Project Manager and Research Specialists of Target participated into different conferences that were great time of experience exchanges and challenges within Congolese environment of businesses.

One of the greatest resolutions that we adopted at the end of this French week is that the Agency must now perform a work of information, lobbying and pleading towards decision – makers. We were surprised for example to hear from a Public Organization Leader during one conference stating that there does not exist any Research Agency legally incorporated in DR Congo. This is very critical yet it also shows a lack of information that we are to cover”, affirmed Serge Mumbu, Target General Manager.

Beside this work that is to be done towards decision – makers, Target will make a targeted monitoring as regards manifestation of interest showed by different visitors of its stand. 

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Le métier des études de marché peut être vu comme une profession qui fait recours à plusieurs compétences, notamment l’art graphique.

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Target, agence spécialisée dans les études de marché et sondages d’opinion, a programmé pour 2019 des enquêtes d’opinion sur divers sujets ayant trait à la v

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Du 16 au 17 Février, le Cabinet d’études de marché Target va prendre une part active, aux travaux du Forum de l’Association Africaine des Études de marché (A


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NPS (Net Promoter Score) est une étude qui sert à mesurer l’engagement des consommateurs/ client vis- à- vis d’un produit

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The year 2018 ends up on a very positive note for Target.

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Le cabinet Target a organisé ce jeudi 31 Janvier 2019 dans la salle polyvalente du centre des handicapés situé dans la commune de la Gombe, une cérémonie d’é

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Dans sa quête de performance et d’innovation, le cabinet Target a inscrit dans son règlement de travail, les récompenses pour ses employés qui se distinguent

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Le cabinet Target  a organisé, samedi 17 novembre 2018 à Kinshasa une formation à l’intention des superviseurs, responsables des équipes sur le terrain.

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Working in a research agency seems sometimes to be an exercise reserved to those who are initiate.

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Pupils of the Democratic Republic of the Congo went back to school this last Monday, September 3rd, 2018.