Target will be present to ESOMAR conference in Amsterdam


As two years ago at Dublin, Target will be present in Amsterdam’s ESOMAR the wold association of market research professionals’ congress this year. The meeting also corresponds to the 70th years of the association.

From the 10th to 13th September, innovations and ideas will be discussed among the 1200 members from almost 70 countries. The congress is positioned as one of the biggest within market research field. More than 80 speakers will discuss, share experiences or simply participate to debate during the congress.

The first day for example, panels will be on “Youth in Flux’’ i.e. Youth emergence /growth.

“Youth in Flux’’ will explain the new reality of youths in the world, their individuals and general objectives as well as used by youths to survive and grow within current lives difficulties. Participants will discover a collaborative approach with client, agencies and youths which allowed found great innovative ideas.

Youths represent the main target of most of Target clients and it is important to get inspired from others experience to suggest projects, solutions, or innovative ideas to our clients in other to get youths commitment. On the other hand, market research is unknown, considered as boring or difficult by most youths. We can only be interested by such a panel to get strategies on how to better attract youths and increase current consultants interest (mostly youths) in the market research career”, states Serge Mumbu, the Target’s General Manager.

Other panels will project themselves into future to imagine how market research will perform in this era facing a fast growth of technology. The aim is to show why the future of market research on client experience will be more oriented on mankind.

Another interesting presentation during the 3rd day will be made by HBO (Home Box Office), a paid American TV channel which produces and broadcasts series on the theme “It is not market research, it is HBO”, the firm will expose to congress participants different techniques that they were able to set to make market research experiences interesting and funny while showing their inspired and necessary ideas.

The field of market research is constantly growing, especially due to technology innovations and it is important to be up to date, see through presentations in conferences and other stands, what is new within the field, and also exchange with other participants at 2017 congress in eventual partnership. In fact, Target might be an excellent partner for data collection and analysis in Africa, especially in the Central Africa area. During B to B meetings, we will then have the opportunity to speak about what Target does, and explore networking opportunities”, underlines Mr Mumbu. 

As representative of ESOMAR in DRC, the Target’s General Manager will attend this Sunday 10th September 2017 ESOMAR representatives Meeting in order to know the current improvements of the association within different countries and make action plan for up-coming years.

ESOMAR is commemorating at this 2017 congress its 70 years, and its vision is to remain the main market research world organisation while including technology improvements. Mr Mumbu will also insist during discussion the relevance for ESOMAR to pay particular attention on Africa market research industries by promoting activities of African Market Research Association (AMRA) and creation of national association of most African countries including DRC.

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