Target’s survey: Only 8% of women are among the Congolese's favorite leaders


From September 28 to October 2, the market research agency Target conducted a survey. This survey focused on the Congolese favorite leaders in the fields of politics, economics, music, science, sports, and religion. The study revealed that few women have an impact on Congolese opinion.

Only 8% of women were mentioned among the favorite personalities. TARGET only took into account the personalities that obtained at least 1% of the choices. And the survey reveals that a total of 74 personalities were mentioned and only six women are among them. The biggest surprise is the absence of women in the fields of economics and religion. Without direction, respondents named their favorite personalities spontaneously.

In the field of science, two women were listed against six men, which represents 25%. Women do not exceed 10% in the remaining areas. For example, in politics, 10 leaders with at least 1% were cited by the respondents and only one woman was included. In music, twenty-one personalities are listed and only two women are present against nineteen men. And, finally, in sports, only one woman is on the list of thirteen leaders mentioned by the respondents.

The survey was based on a sample of 1,600 people representing the Congolese population, including 812 men and 788 women. This sample being almost equal, the women who stand out hardly exceed 1% of the choices against at least 20% for the favorite male personality. This proves that almost all women have chosen men as their favorite leaders.

Based on these survey results, the Agency made the following suggestions to promote female leadership: "It is necessary to engage in a deep reflection on the best strategies to implement for promoting a strong women leadership in DRC. There are many outstanding women in the DRC in various areas, but they are either unknown to the general public or not taken into account when it comes to making an ultimate choice. Qualitative studies (individual interviews, focus groups, and immersions in women's organizations) should allow us to better understand the women's reluctance of preferring other women and/or the underlying reasons for the predominance of men's leadership in the public perception.

Target surveyed in the eleven main cities of the DRC using the quota method by age, gender, and occupation.

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