Television, a reference media for Kinshasa people, according to Target research


The fifth edition of media research carried out by Target has just released its first figures on Kinshasa people trust as regards media. The main result of this survey conducted towards a sample of 1000 persons in line with method of quota per sex, age, occupation and residence municipality: television remains at the highest level, the first source of news for Kinshasa people before radio and websites.

85% of respondents said it: whenever there is a major event occurring in D.R. Congo, Kinshasa people switch on their TV for watching news. Only 7% affirm to check in the Internet and 8% are getting their news from Radio. Television therefore remains ruling media in DR Congo capital, a megalopolis of about ten millions of inhabitants.

The best scores of television (93%) have been recorded amongst women, young people of 12 to 17 years old and Tshangu neighborhood inhabitants. Even if we have to consider the entire research, women still come on the top (90%) of people segment that spontaneously affirm to use television for news.

If then Television is the most natural media for Kinshasa people, two channels especially are having the greatest scores of audience: RTNC, public television (with 37% of respondents), and MOLIERE TV (23%), private channel specialized since several years in common events and company news. Any other TV channels are considered as trustworthy by less than 10% of respondents.

As regards radio, the UN station Radio OKAPI (39%) and the French station RFI (37%) are taking the lion’s share. Interviewed people in the framework of this research consider both stations as the most trustworthy amongst all those broadcasting in Kinshasa.

People of 50 years old and above are several (25%) to listen to the radio in the first reflex for important events.

In internet, three websites are mostly consulted by respondents: Facebook (21%) is coming to the top followed by Radio OKAPI – site – (18%) and RFI – – (18%).

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Monday, August 22, 2016 - 08:41