The youth of Kinshasa and alcoholic beverages


On Wednesday, January 26, 2022, the market research firm Target released its study on Kinshasa's youth and alcoholic beverages. The study is a qualitative study conducted using focus groups with young men and women aged 18 to 35 who regularly consume alcoholic beverages. This survey provides a lot of information on the behavior of Kinshasa's youth towards alcoholic beverages. The study will be helpful, particularly to brewing operators, stakeholders in NGOs and associations interested in issues of alcohol consumption among young people, and policymakers.

From the outset, Target's study shows that alcohol consumption plays five roles in young people. Chilling is one of the five roles. After a stressful and pressured day, drinking alcohol is supposed to soothe the mind and drown out the various worries. Many other young people drink alcohol as a sexual stimulant or to boost their physical strength. The study details each role and its characteristics.

Target's study identifies five places where young people drink the most alcoholic beverages: bar, patio, lounge bar, nightclub, or home. It also indicates when young people choose to drink and why they drink at different times of the day or evening.
The study then examines four categories of alcoholic beverages: light and dark beers, liqueurs, and wines. For each category, the study indicates the types of consumers, the places they choose to consume, and the reasons that drive them to consume.

The survey also focuses on the brands of beer consumed in Kinshasa. Their perceptions are still to be discovered in this investigation.

Target also presents Kinshasa in its cultural context and the evolution of its environment to better understand this investigation.

If you are interested in the entire study on Kinshasa youth and alcoholic beverages, don't hesitate to contact the office using the following details:, +243820001403, and +243970134454.

Friday, August 5, 2022 - 15:25