Soon Target will reveal the results of a qualitative study on Kinshasa youth and smoking


Target, the market research company will soon release the study on Kinshasa youth and tobacco. This study will focus on three significant points to assess public opinion in Kinshasa. The first part deals with understanding the different types of tobacco. This section provides a significant smokers' perceptions of the different types of tobacco sold in Kinshasa.


The second part looks at the perception of tobacco brands in the Congolese capital. This section aims to learn about the awareness of tobacco brands on the market in Kinshasa, understand each brand drivers and influences of choice, and how smokers perceive these brands. In the last part, the question is formulated: "If you were appointed in charge of Congolese youth to reduce tobacco consumption in Kinshasa, what would you do to ensure good awareness among them?


The study will also address the relationships between tobacco and alcohol use and drug use among youth in Kinshasa. This study will be available in April 2022.


You can get the complete publication by calling (+243) 810451052 or by sending an e-mail to


Mardi, 29 Mars, 2022 - 12:14