Target took part in the second edition of the Congo Business Challenge


From the 1st to the 2nd of April 2022, the Federation of Enterprises of Congo (FEC), in partnership with the Ministry of Employment, Small and Medium Enterprises, and Handicrafts, organized the second edition of the Business Challenge. Target SARL was one of the event's sponsors. The event's theme was the creation of Congolese millionaires.

The participation of Target remarkably consisted in registering applications in a database to facilitate the analysis and processing by the consulting companies short-listed in the applications pre-selection.

In his first-day introductory remarks, Mr. Kimona Bononge, Managing Director of the FEC, highlighted entrepreneurship as the best way to create Congolese millionaires. During the first panel, Mrs. Rose Dorée Bokeleale, DGA of ANAPI, Mr. Alain Bussy Wasso, DGA of ARSP, Mr. Laurent Munzemba, DG of FOGEC, and Mrs. Mamie Kalonda, DG of FINCA, took part in the discussion and unveiled their capacity to accompany Congolese entrepreneurs.

Dedicated to the impact of digital on the growth of SMEs, the second panel has seen the intervention of the Minister of State, Minister of Digital, represented by his Director of Cabinet, Mr. Noel Litanga, followed by Mr. Popol Kayembe, DG INSSE, Professor Pierre Kafunda of the University of Kinshasa and Mr. Prospere Tetika, adviser to the Ministry of Digital; For them, Congolese SMEs should upgrade to take up the challenge of the millionaire by integrating new technologies in the management. "Digital is a lever that you have to use to build and maximize your business," they believe.

During the second day of this new edition, awards were given to the winners of the 2022 edition in the different categories, including Entrepreneurial Initiative & Local Content SME, Provincial Performance & Agricultural Craftsman, Woman Entrepreneur & Craftswoman, Young Entrepreneur & Startup, SME & Startup supports and many other special awards were given.

The ceremony ended with awarding civic merit certificates to the winners by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Planning, His Excellency Christian MWANDO NSIMBA.

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