“Mazzarello children should not be sad”, the cry from Target heart


Pupils of the Democratic Republic of the Congo went back to school this last Monday, September 3rd, 2018. An occasion of Target Agency to carry out a yearly visit of Mazzarello Orphanage, a social project held at Sanga MAMBA, peripheral neighborhood of Ngaliema Municipality at the west of Kinshasa, by Silesians’ sisters of Don Bosco in the favor of young ladies that are orphans or living under family breakdown situations.

This Friday September 7th, 2018, under a brutal sun, Target brought some rice, bean, soap, oil, lemonade and school supplies for Mazzarello orphans that are receiving less and less support and comfort visit in this enclaved neighborhood often shorts of water and power wherein they are living and under a leadership.

Sister Mathilde MWASHA is currently the Officer of the House in replacement of Sister Carmen. Sister Mathilde knows well the House. She is the Head Prefect of the school Don Bosco since four years now. She wanted to specify to her hosts that “This project is working thanks to gifts and charities of people of goodwill”. Yet they are becoming rare nowadays.

“We say thank you from the bottom our heart for your gift of charity towards poor people. It is meaning a lot to us. We believe that you are instruments that God is using for poor people and he leads you towards us”, she said.

For Target, the charity deed aimed at giving hope to Mazzarello children.           

According to Target Boss, his own story serves him as the first motivation. And he briefly shared his own story with ladies. “I, myself, am an orphan, my father passed away when I just started the university. I encourage you to never lose hope. You have got God’s grace to be alive and in good health. Every single day, you can build you future”, said Serge Mumbu, Target General Manager. He exhorted them to be obedient to sisters’ recommendations, to trust God and to build a personal relationship with him. Serge Mumbu also reminded ladies that they are well able to get ahead over the course of life, taking the example on Mathilde LUZOLO that his wife and he encountered the community “Christian Family”. Mathilde LUZOLO, was also raised up in Mazzarello orphanage and that is currently a mother within her household with her three children “Her testimony touched us so deep. Farther, she always encouraged us to come”, indicated Serge MUMBU.

The thirty five ladies of Mazzarello Orphanage seem to be very happy about this visit.

“I am glad that you are here to visit us. Thank you.” Stated Mélanie, 10 years old, pupil in the fourth level of primary school by Mazzarello. The community Don Bosco, owner of the orphanage, has got a school whereas children can follow a normal course of education. We are welcoming young ladies from 2 to 20 years old. They study up to the getting of state diploma. Some are lead towards crafts”, stated the Sister Marie – Donat.

In that corner where anything is a priority and an emergency, Target General Manager launched a heart calling to any physical or artificial person to support Mazzarello children that are not really supported with charity gifts or external grants. “These children should not be sad … the lord encourages Christians to provide needy people with some support, since Jesus said: “inasmuch as you have provided support to one of this needy people, you have done it to me.” Stated Serge Mumbu in conclusion of this comfort visit.

For all those willing to bring their contribution in cash in terms of bank deposit or transfer, please use the following bank details:                 



BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1201-5017934-01-64/USD



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