ESOMAR Congress 2018: The encounter of the top – ranks of market research


From Sunday 23rd to Wednesday 26th of September, the world professionals of market research gathered within the European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR), met in Berlin in Germany for annual congress. 

Target – SARL Agency, member and representative of Esomar in DR Congo is represented in this congress by Arlette LEUMBOU, Senior Market Analyst. On the website dedicated to this event, our organization notes that during 7 decades, Esomar Congress opened the path as regards innovation in terms of information in the market. This year is no exception.

During this edition 2018, the program indicates that 6 young researchers occupy the focal point of the congress forefront for “Amazing participants with their Brilliance”. Each one will have only 60 seconds for launching his idea. Participants will vote for the best launcher that will afterward be invited on the scene Tuesday for sharing his ideas during a longer presentation.

Several topics will developed in workshop as well as in panels. Amongst these topics we can mention the “Digital transformation and impact on retail trade”.  “The digital has drastically changed the way we understand and serve customers. Developments in this sector are speeding and create a great center of consumption and customer experience. It is time to participate or perish”, thus warn Piet COELEWIJ that will be the main speaker on this topic.

Ray Poynter, Managing Director of Future Place Agency, will speak to participants on “the 10 things to know on the state of research in the world markets”. This topic will allow participants discovering “what motivates prices of studies and both the most expensive and cheapest locations for conducting research. And also to understand main factors of change and obstacles to overcome”.

ESOMAR is an international organization of market research professionals. Founded in 1948, ESOMAR started just as a European organization. In 2013, the organization is counting more than 4900 members within 130 countries, and gathers professionals of the world of studies, marketing, advertisement, businesses and public relations. In September 2012, Esomar launches a membership formula for the companies.

ESOMAR mission is to encourage and improve practices in the field of studies. It is aiming at promoting the best standards in the field of market studies in order to improve decision making, in both public and private sectors, with a view to:  

  • Protecting interests of the market research industry at the world level.
  • Improving and promoting the best practices on a daily basis.
  • Promoting values of this industry towards companies and the society.
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Serge Mumbu, General Manager de Target-Sarl, a animé, du  11 au 12 février 2019, une formation avec des entrepreneurs en pré-incubation.

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From Sunday 23rd to Wednesday 26th of September, the world professionals of market research gathered within the European Society for Op

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Target était bien présent au congrès annuel d’Esomar 2018 en Allemagne.