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A leading research and consulting company in Central Africa.

We support your projects through data collection, analysis, and relevant guidelines.

Staff and consultants familiar with the African countries' local realitie.s

Compliance of studies with international standards (ICC/ESOMAR).

Deadlines are respected, and complete transparency is maintained with the client throughout the project process.

Our core values as an ESOMAR member:

1. Confidentiality;

2. Integrity;

3. Transparency;

4. Compliance with laws and regulations on data collection and personal data protection.

Target Sarl

Target Sarl Target Sarl is a market research and consulting company established in Kinshasa (DR Congo) and operating in several African countries (Burundi, Cameroon, Congo Brazzaville, Gabon, DRC, Rwanda) through a network of professional consultants (Analysts, Interviewers, Supervisors, Recruiters, Trainers, Moderators). Target conducts market research and opinion polls per international standards ICC / ESOMAR.

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The survey is a one-time investigation with a representative sample of the surveyed population. Findings from the sample are then extrapolated to the study population or parent population.


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Online survey

How do you assess the Suminwa government’s composition in the DRC?

Number of vote(s) 354

27.12% (96)


62.71% (222)

Don't know

10.17% (36)

What do you think of the decision to lift the moratorium on the death penalty in the DRC?

Number of vote(s) 42
Good decision

64.29% (27)

Bad decision

23.81% (10)

Don't know

11.90% (5)

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By becoming an investigator, you have the opportunity to earn money, also, you develop more experience in the field of market research.


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