Target Sarl's first B-to-B in the Republic of Congo

Target Sarl is organizing its first B-to-B event on June 28 in Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo, to showcase various studies.

Several decision-makers and prominent figures will assemble at the Olympic Palace for an after-work session. The session will feature presentations of various studies focusing on the media audience in the Republic of the Congo, the most popular influencers among the Congolese population, and the effectiveness of advertising.

These studies are intended to assist companies in making marketing and communications decisions to achieve their objectives. The Media Audience Study offers a comprehensive overview of Congolese media habits and detailed information about the specific characteristics of each medium and its future prospects.

Brands are enlisting influencers to reach their audiences and enhance their communications. These individuals have a close psychological connection and can shape and steer public choices.

The Advertising Audience Study focuses on consumer interest in the advertising they are exposed to. It identifies the most influential advertising media and market segments with the greatest impact.

Target Sarl will showcase its activities to decision-makers and key sector players at an after-work event.

From February 29 to March 14, Target interviewed 1,000 people across the Republic of Congo in various sectors (media, influencers, languages, interests, mobile, banking, insurance, and religion).