Target Sarl presented the findings of its research on the Republic of Congo at an after-work event in Brazzaville.

Target Sarl, a market research company, presented the results of its research in the Republic of Congo during an after-work event on Friday, June 28th. Key figures from various sectors.

attended the event, which was held in a relaxed atmosphere. The major B-to-B event included the presentation of studies on media audiences in the Republic of Congo and the impact of advertising and influencers.

During his speech, Saleh Sikofu, Project Manager of Target Sarl, outlined the key stages involved in the creation, development, and expansion of Target SARL. He emphasized that the firm is the result of over 30 years of experience from its founder, Serge Mumbu.

"To be successful in your business, it's important to have the necessary resources (human, material, and financial) and, most importantly, to meet the expectations of your target audience. To achieve this, it's advisable to seek the expertise of a specialized agency to make more effective decisions and remain competitive in the market," he said.

During his presentation, Serge Mumbu, General Manager of Target Sarl, explained the background of these studies. From March 29th to April 14th, Target sent out investigators to all the regions of the Republic of Congo to survey a representative sample of 1,000 individuals across different areas such as media, influencers, languages, interests, mobile phone usage, banking, insurance, and religion.

In the Republic of Congo, the Internet (51%) and cable channels (46%) are the most frequently consulted media. This is due to the increasing availability of high-speed internet and the diversification of television programmes offered by cable channel distributors. Radio and free-to-air television scored 19% and 18%, respectively, while the written press came in at 1%.

"Advertising appeals to 50% of the Congolese population. This interest declines with age, possibly due to several factors. Younger generations, being more exposed to media and new technologies, are naturally more responsive to advertising messages. Television leads with 58% of the advertising audience, followed by Facebook (31%), billboards (15%), and radio (10%)."

Fally Ipupa is the most popular web influencer in the Republic of Congo, with 15% of the mentions, followed by Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, both at 5% each. In the media, Gyldas Mayela, Vinaude le Nécessaire, and Abdoul Kaba are the most famous, each with 3% of the mentions. In the music industry, Roga-Roga leads with 24%, followed by Tidiane Mario at 14%. Thievy Bifouma is the preferred athlete with 52%, and Moutiopo is the favourite in comedy, securing 9% of the mentions.

The event provided an opportunity for in-person interaction, fostering networking among key decision-makers. The Q&A session also enhanced participants' understanding of Target's activities.