ESOMAR 2024 Congress: Serge Mumbu is inviting market research professionals based in Africa to register.

The historic city of Athens, Greece, will host the most important annual gathering of market research professionals from 8 to 11 September 2024. These four intense days will be dedicated to interacting, learning, and exchanging ideas with professionals from all over the world.

The conference's ultimate aim is to facilitate networking among professionals. It provides a platform to connect and exchange ideas with data and analysis professionals worldwide who are enthusiastic about research.

"Defining the future of insights at Mind, Myth, and Machine." ESOMAR's theme invites professionals to explore new perspectives and innovations in market research and data analysis.

Professionals are prompted to consider the challenges and opportunities linked to the rapid development of technologies, such as artificial intelligence and data growth, and how these factors are shaping future insights.

In other words, Athens, where ancient history meets modern innovation, has been chosen to explore the convergence of human wisdom, storytelling magic, and cutting-edge technology.

The Managing Director of Target Sarl warmly invites all market research professionals working in Africa, specifically in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to register for this significant industry event.

Esomar offers various opportunities to participants, including engaging programs and reduced costs for early arrivals. To simplify the accommodation process, Esomar has partnered with the Intercontinental Athenaeum Athens.

"Networking is important, and ESOMAR will be launching an application during the conference. This app will offer great opportunities to schedule individual or group meetings, connect with others, view the program and exhibitors, and have a social wall for posting."

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