How do you assess the Suminwa government’s composition in the DRC?

Number des vote(s) 354

27.12% (96)


62.71% (222)

Don't know

10.17% (36)

What do you think of the decision to lift the moratorium on the death penalty in the DRC?

Number des vote(s) 42
Good decision

64.29% (27)

Bad decision

23.81% (10)

Don't know

11.90% (5)

To what extent can artificial intelligence (AI) accelerate the global economy at the expense of human labour?

Number des vote(s) 23
Through maximisation of production time and resources?

26.09% (6)

By replacing humans with technology?

17.39% (4)

Through improvements in productivity and quality of output?

47.83% (11)

I don't know

8.70% (2)

What is the most effective way to definitively end the war in eastern DRC?

Number des vote(s) 38
Disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration of armed groups into society

10.53% (4)

Direct dialogue with the aggressor countries (Rwanda, Uganda, and other stakeholders)

0.00% (0)

War against the aggressor countries (Rwanda, Uganda, and other foes)

39.47% (15)

Diplomatic efforts to prevent Rwanda from supporting the M-23 rebels

10.53% (4)

Building the capacity of the Congolese army to defeat the armed rebel groups

39.47% (15)