Un jour avec Rodriguez Adjabu

Rodriguez Adjabu is a Quantitative Analyst at Target. He handles the quantitative analyses of all surveys. He joined the company in 2012, first as an outsourced consultant in the IT Department before being transferred to the Project Department.

Daily, Rodriguez crunches numbers to produce analyses of quantitative surveys commissioned by clients. He also makes economic data and significant trends by sector.

This Wednesday, April 21, 2021, is a busy day for Rodriguez, who is slim, skinny, and somewhat shy by nature. Wearing khaki pants, a short-sleeved blue-white shirt, and shoes in the colors of American soldiers' boots, the thirty-year-old man spends his day between the seventh and eighth floors of the Target office in the Vulambo ex-Shell building.

At 9 a.m., he already met with some of his colleagues in the General Manager's office, Serge Mumbu. Sitting across from his boss, Adjabu has his notebook on the table and his laptop on his legs. This morning's meeting is about the media survey, one of Target's most essential surveys conducted once a year. "We have to work faster, especially by respecting the rules of the art," Serge Mumbu reminds his collaborators.

Around 10:00 a.m., his colleagues leave the GM's office, but Rodriguez stays with him to prepare the study "The Main Concerns of the Congolese" presentation he will be co-hosting with the General Manager. The exhibition will be presented online via Zoom to a limited number of people. The GM gives Rodriguez clear instructions. It is the first time for this thirty-year-old man to present a study to the general public, especially in a webinar.

"I'm under a little bit of pressure, but because it's a project I've been following from the beginning, I'm in control of that data. So I will overcome this pressure," Rodriguez says.
Rodriguez admits to being under pressure but doesn't complain about this situation, which is familiar in the market research industry. It is not only the media study that he has to follow. Rodriguez is also working on another barometric survey that they will complete soon.

For this other study, he works with two interns, a girl, and a boy, to whom he explains the work to help him move forward. These trainees come from the Ecole Supérieure de Management de Kinshasa (ESMK). The two trainees are grouped around three work tables, concentrated on their computers, their eyes fixed on Rodriguez, who explains the work to them. About 30 minutes later, he leaves them to join the GM on the 8th floor for a technical test on the next webinar.

The work never ends for Adjabu: "Now I am preparing the synthesis of our next publication for the general public and another for the media," he said before joining Mr. Serge Mumbu to harmonize all the texts.

Work stops at 4:30 p.m. at Target. But Rodriguez doesn't see himself finishing at the appointed time. Instead, his day will end after holding a debriefing meeting with all the consultants and interns he supervises. During the meeting, they will mainly discuss the evolution of each other's work and the next day's priorities.

Monday, May 10, 2021 - 11:37